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Welcome (Updated Jan 2015),

This is the Metro St. Louis ASA Umpire’s Website!  Returning umpires should notice a few changes throughout the site.  New umpires, please take some time to peruse our site and see what is inside.  We will continue using our Twitter service (STLMSUA) to keep you up to date on events, but the running dialogue has been replaced on the website ~ please “follow us” to get the latest announcements, but other areas have been updated for 2015!   

There is information regarding “Mobile ASA” which you can easily access from your smart phones!  If you would like to participate in the Medals Program, or change your medal level, please complete the application from our “Forms” page and submit it to our UIC, Greg Pohl for signatures before it is sent to the ASA National Office. 

Speaking of our “Forms” page, many of the documents enable you to now type in the fields, save to your computer, and then email them to the association.  Please be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader (Free) installed on your computer. 

New for St. Louis in 2015 is the requirement for ALL Junior Olympic Fast Pitch Umpires, and ANY ASA Umpiring desiring to work Championship Play, to now get an ASA Background Check before umpiring ANY GAMES FOR THIS YEAR!!  This requirement was established by the ASA Board of Directors in order to protect all of ASA Softball from potential lawsuits.  There is a once-per-year cost of $7.00.  The Background Check Form is here on our website! 

We are linked to St. Louis’ TournamentASA site.  Fast Pitch umpires MUST learn how to navigate this site should they want to umpire any weekend tournaments!  Please contact our technology specialist, and communications liaison, Shannon Kamp with any questions you have concerning TournamentASA.  Shannon is also a great resource for “RegisterASA” and our general registration process.

St. Louis ASA umpires will have several clinic opportunities again this year.  Check out our Calendar Of Events for a group listing of upcoming activities!  If you have only been umpiring a few years, or did not make a clinic last year, then you MUST attend clinic time this year to remain in good standing.  The easiest way to meet this requirement is to attend one of our two “Metro Clinics” this spring.  We will have one for Fast Pitch, and one for Slow Pitch!  The more clinic time you put in this spring, the better you will be prepared this summer!

St. Louis ASA is anticipating another great season!  Be sure to read all email correspondence and respond with your availability for league or tournament play.   Should you need any help, or uniform needs, please be sure to contact a staff member and we will assist you.  Have a great 2015!


Greg Pohl
St. Louis Metro ASA



MIssion Statement

As the National Governing Body of Softball, the Amateur Softball Association affords millions of players, fans, coaches, administrators, umpires and parents with benefits upon registering to PLAY ASA. While each ASA local association and ASA member league offers unique opportunities upon registering, certain benefits exist for everyone just by being part of the program.  We develop, administer and promote the sport of softball to provide opportunities for participation and the best possible experience for those involved.  If you are interested in participating, please contact our St.  Louis ASA program, or if you are interested in becoming an ASA Registered Umpire, please contact our St. Louis ASA Umpire program.

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