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NIF Trophy

This reward program has been available to USA Softball umpires since 1986.  Today, it is considered the highest level of reward program for USA Softball Umpires, not including the USA Softball Hall of Fame Umpire classification or ISF certification.  There are currently over 2,200 members certified with the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF), with approximately 100-125 added annually.  To qualify the umpire must have umpired or served as an USA Softball National Championship UIC or assistant UIC for three USA Softball Nationals, or can substitute attendance at an USA Softball Advanced Umpire School for one of the nationals.  Approval by the local commissioner and the Regional UIC is mandatory for acceptance.  The program is popular for those umpires who have advanced to the next level.  It is a select group, considering that there are nearly 50,000 umpires nationwide.

St. Louis Members
Bold denotes currently registered members

1986  Richard J. Willis*
1989  Robert M. Hayes
1989  Joseph Martin*
1989  Billy Springfield
1990  John H. Bond
1991  Leon Watson
1992  Charles Cox
1993 Carlos Lindos
1994  Richard Brown
1994  Lisa A. Rawlings
1995  Brian Bennett
1995  Homer Griffith

1995  Greg Pohl
1995  Kenneth Schutz
1996  Ronald Fischer
1996  Joseph F.  Flanigan
1996  Robert W.  Trower
1997  David Fischer
1997  John Smith
1997  Kevin Wallace
1998  Michael E. Bolden
1998  Danny Dixon
1999  Michael W. Krueger
2000  Larry Dunn

2000  Tony Tocco*
2002  Carmen Morrison
2002  Terry Roberts
2002  Thomas Schomaker
2003  Robert Levine
2004  Bryan Kramer

2004  Keith McCallister
2007  Joshua Rosenfield
2009  Michael Bonds

2009  Dianna Wozniak
2010  Vincent Webster
2012  Donna Cox

2012  Gary Robinett
2013  Norvin Porter
2014  Shannon Kamp

2015  Robert Berthold
2015  Michael Cohen
2015  Gary Flishel
2015  Cindy Hill
2015  David Lee

2015  Rory Reynolds
2016  Jared Dattilo
2016  Brian Kelley
2016  Daimon Russell
2016  Roy Schoffner

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